Gogo Newgirl and Permanent Peace

Sci-Fi Fantasy Thriller

by Shelley Gilbert

Earth is in ruins in 2253 after centuries of war. Extreme violence and extinction plague humans and Earth. Gogo, 12 years old, witnesses the brutal killing of her mother. In a rage, Gogo asks her grandmother Rose why they live in a violent world. Rose replies that people are violent creatures and there’s nothing they can do about it. This explanation doesn't make sense to Gogo. She knows that she, her mother, grandmother, her best friend Dee Dee and all the females she knows are not violent people. Gogo comes to the realization that females are peaceful and only males are violent. In a dream, God instills in Gogo the passion and blueprint to lead the females of Earth to permanent peace. But they must take away control of the Earth from the males. With an inspired plan, Gogo unites all the girls and women of Earth. They secretly meet in Nepal to plot their takeover. They have fun rebuilding human society according to their female sensibilities. But before they can govern, the females must wage one last war.

“A provocative look at a future time when women’s gifts heal the world. Gogo Newgirl and Permanent Peace made me examine the roles men and women play in today’s society as well as throughout history. I particularly resonated with the author’s description of God‘s presence in the creation of this new feminine-based society.“

Barbara Newman

eBook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W65N9KG

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1548183008


“A naked baby lays crying in the rubble. She was on her back in a pile of garbage that once was her home. Her arms and legs wildly fought the wind. She was free, but she was chained to a violent planet. The baby was just three days old and there was no one around to save her. Her mother, sister, and brother all perished in the bombing. Her father had abandoned them.

Suddenly a small swirl of wind began to form at her feet. A white ethereal cocoon gently but firmly wrapped itself around the baby’s feet, legs, torso, arms, and neck. Even though her back lay in the debris, the cocoon covered her all around. It warmed her up and calmed her down. Feeling secure, she stopped crying. A serene glow embraced her face. The cocoon miraculously imprinted an oval hologram made up of moving, horizontal wavy lines over her heart.”