Let's start a new human civilization today!

Imagine the Earth is a new planet. It has oceans, mountains, grass, flowers, trees, humans and animals, but no cities, towns, homes, businesses, governments or objects. Let's start a new human civilization today! Knowing what you know now and how you feel about life, what would you create? What would it look like? Describe it in detail. Through your female feelings and sensitivities, create a house, clothes, a vehicle, a job, food, whatever. 

Mix up reality with fantasy. Choose something that is in use today and change it. Connect with your female ideas and imagination and make up something that is better for humans and animals to use. Or dream up a totally new concept of anything that would be fun, kind, caring and sustaining. I'll start you off. Here is a picture of an open field of good healthy soil. Imagine smelling the rich earth. Ahhhh. The field is ready for planting. 


Question 1:  What completely new food would you like to grow? You can combine 2 or 3 foods that exist today or make up a totally new food for humans or animals.