Shelley Gilbert is the Award-Winning Author and Award-Winning Artist of six Fiction and Nonfiction Books for Adults, Young Adults and Kids (Amazon). Her first novel, a memoir, Swimming Naked with Jellyfish, 2008, won 2 Eric Hoffer-Montaigne Medal Awards in an international competition: For Thought Provoking Books and For Excellence in Independent Publishing. Her other books include Islands, a series of 3 coloring/poem books for Adults, Teens and Kids, a Young Adult fiction book and a spiritual memoir. 

Currently, Ms. Gilbert is publishing her 7th book, Gogo Newgirl and Permanent Peace, a Sci-Fi Fantasy Thriller. The story, set 250 years from today, is about a 12-year-old girl who leads the Earth to permanent peace. Anger over her mother's brutal killing in 2265 unleashes a young girl's fierce passion to save Earth from violent extinction and lead it to permanent peace. Expected release date: Spring 2019. 

The author teaches Memoir Writing Workshop—The Original 3-Step Vignette Method, a method she created which enabled her to write 2 memoirs: Swimming Naked with Jellyfish and her spiritual memoir, God Is Real, My Spiritual Journey to God and Eternity. She offers the Online Memoir Writing Course here on her website. She’ll also be teaching her Memoir Writing Workshop class again at Ocean County College-Continuing Education, Toms River, New Jersey starting in March 2020 for 6 Thursday nights 7:00-9:00pm. Sign up at or Call 732-255-0404 x2072 or Email

A visual artist and collagist, Ms. Gilbert's collage won an award at a Five Towns (Long Island, New York) Juried Art Competition. Her seashell wall mirror won Third Place in a mixed media juried art competition in Toms River, New Jersey. Her tape paintings showed in Madison Avenue art galleries juried competitions. 

The author was born in Brooklyn, New York and lives in New Jersey with her husband Hank Teller.


Apolla Seahorse


Apolla Seahorse is the mascot of Ms. Gilbert's books. She floats throughout the pages of Islands, A Coloring Book for Adults and the entire Islands series of coloring and poem books. She's on the cover of Land of Sooj and imprinted on the spine of Swimming Naked with Jellyfish. The seahorse is the author's favorite creature. She is elegant and she looks sad. She is tiny but significant. She is powerful. She is unlike most other female creatures--it is she who impregnates the male with her eggs. She's very careful to choose just the right male. He's the one who gets pregnant, carries the 2,000 babies and then gives birth. The female seahorse, not assigned this natural function, is free to do as she pleases. 

Apolla Seahorse was drawn by Hank Teller. 

Shelley Gilbert is a wonderful writer. She’s brave, intelligent and it’s clear that she takes great pleasure in the language This is good work. Sometimes even dazzling.
— Benjamin Cheever
Shelley Gilbert’s prose is wonderfully vidid and straightforward...the writing is compelling...and though the story confronts rather grave issues, Iris’s witty, accessible tone makes an ideal balance that encourages readers to keep the pages turning.
— Little, Brown and Company
Shelley Gilbert has written an autobiography novel. She has a fresh new voice, at times edgy, at times conflicting...seductive, but always a reader you feel you are in good hands. The emotional range of Ms. Gilbert’s novel is very broad - intense childhood anger, adolescent insecurity, passion, grief and rebellion, pride. It is not a serene book. The winds of feeling start howling in the first chapter and hardly subside. But the narrator’s voice can control the passion, too - becomes stronger, in fact, as the temperature rises. It is a full-fledges, powerful novel, a deadly serious account of one woman’s effort to discover and maintain her identity, her sense of self and self-worth, despite an upsetting childhood and an adolescence ending in tragedy.
— James H. Case, Dean (retired) Suny Empire State College, NY