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   Shelley Gilbert, Author

Award Winning Author of Swimming Naked with Jellyfish, 
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Winner  2009 Eric Hoffer Book Award For Thought Provoking Books and Excellence in Independent Publishing

Shelley Gilbert is the Award Winning Author of Swimming Naked with Jellyfish, the Memoir Novel coming of age story of a girl growing up in Brooklyn, New York in the 1950s with a violent father, withdrawn mother and jealous sister.

"Shelley Gilbert's prose is wonderfully vivid and straightforward...the writing is turner."   Little, Brown and Company

"Shelley Gilbert is a wonderful writer. She's brave, intelligent and it’s clear that she takes great pleasure in the language. This is good work... dazzling."   Benjamin Cheever

Swimming Naked with Jellyfish by Shelley Gilbert is the coming-of-age story of a girl who hates semicolons, loves extremes, and lives her life exposed.

IRIS, with her father's defiant spirit, confronts her grief over the shocking loss of family members by writing her memoir. She flashes back to her early life growing up in Brooklyn, New York in the 60s. She unearths intense childhood anger for her beloved but tyrant father, withdrawn mother and jealous sister. Iris describes how childhood encounters with her violent father forge her backbone into a thunderbolt. How her freedom-loving nature rebels against the trapped submissive females of her family and how she seeks to escape with the uninhibited males. She discloses all her firsts, an insecure and sensual adolescence throbbing in the birth of Rock and Roll, her taste in men, her shame and attempted suicide, failed marriage, her great passion and tragedy. In this powerful memoir, Iris begins to discover and maintain her identity, her sense of self and self-worth. As the dust settles, she finds love for her family is also hiding in the belly of her heart. Iris realizes that she is always searching to fill the holes in her soul.


2nd Edition, 30 Hand-Drawn Drawings, 30 Poems

"...refreshing new idea, novel idea, highly creative, fun. The students think it makes a great gift for their parents."   Richard Clatworthy, Trade Books Mgr, Leavey Centre Bookstore, Georgetown University, Washington DC

Islands, A Coloring Book for Adults, 2nd Edition, 30 Hand-Drawn Drawings, 30 Poems by Award Winning Author of 7 books Shelley Gilbert is a gift-quality, supercreative beautiful book. Contents: 30 original abstract drawings and their 30 interpretive poems. Each drawing is different and has its own theme. Great variety of designs and easy-to-color small, medium and large spaces throughout.

These enchanting books blend original art, poetry, wit and recreation. Islands is emotional and meditative, intellectually engaging. Islands heals the spirit while it takes you on a sensual adventure. Some of its themes: seahorses, Mozart, moons, Odysseus, stars, Pink Floyd, snakes, Jimmy Durante, tropical islands, Galway, golf, monsters, the 1970's, and many more.

Islands is a crossover book. Adults love the Teens and Kids book and teens and kids love the Adults book. 

Volume 2,  30 Hand-Drawn Drawings, 30 Poems

"We brought Islands into our store because it was a great new idea....We sold out the first week."   Pam Tirsch, Owner, The Briarcliff Perfume Shoppe, Briarcliff Manor, NY

Islands, A Coloring Book for Adults,Volume 2, 30 Hand-Drawn Drawings, 30 Poems by Award Winning Author of 7 books Shelley Gilbert is about being an individual, about being yourself. When you are yourself, you are unique and apart from all other humans, like an island in the sea is unique and apart from all other islands.


In these coloring books abstract drawings, each shape is individual and apart from all the other shapes. The shapes float on the page like islands float in the sea. Each drawing then connects all the islands together to make a whole picture. In addition, each abstract drawing has a poem that interprets the design or the feeling of the drawing.


The drawings contain many different themes with the hope that they connect with people all over the globe. Some themes are:  rivers, elephants, the 1950s and 1960s, love, being real, bon bons, light force, bugs, bears, Mandalas, repetition, clams, the number 3, clear minds, ghosts, pancakes, ocean, cobblestones, eyes, energy, and many more.
Islands coloring books are crossover books. Adults love the Teens and Kids books and teens and kids love the Adults books.

30 Hand-Drawn Drawings, 30 Poems and Recipes

“I would just like to thank Shelley Gilbert for making another amazing coloring book! I love the poems and pictures in this book! :) ... I love how care-free the pictures are and the poems are super cute... It is a great book for vacations, the weekend, or if you are stuck at home from an injury!!! I can’t wait for the next book!!! Keep them coming Shelley!!!”   Kelly Densberger, IL

Islands, A Coloring Book for Teens and Kids, 30 Hand-Drawn Drawings, 30 Poems and Recipes by Award Winning Author of 7 books Shelley Gilbert is a unique, supercreative activity, learning and thinking book.

The drawings contain a great variety of space sizes to color--small, medium, large. The abstract drawings will engage a young person's own imagination because the shapes look like different things to different people and will evoke personal thoughts and emotions. The drawings have original poems that interpret them. The poems' messages will entertain and intrigue young people to think about life.

The drawings contain many themes, such as: butterflies, moons, connection, fruit, saving money, feelings, blizzards, the importance of thinking, brick walls, artists, Vivaldi, squares, trees, violence, egos, and many more. There are also 4 simple and fun recipes.

Islands coloring books are crossover books. Teens and kids love the Adults books and adults love the Teens and Kids books.

Six Seahorse Stories

"Charming children’s book. The stories are beautifully written and morally relevant."   Little, Brown and Company.  

Land of Sooj, Six Seahorse Stories by Award Winning Author Shelley Gilbert, author of 7 books, is a book of fiction for Young Adults and Children. Land of Sooj is an early land where seahorses live. Each of the six seahorse stories is independent to read but all are connected by a seahorse family of God and angels. Romantica and her angel children look after and protect the seahorses. Each story conjures up vivid and beautiful images. Themes are moral and timeless and much needed for our children in our modern era. Drama and comedy are twin currents entwined throughout the flow of the stories. The six seahorse stories are: 
A seahorse discovers her purpose in life. 

A tiny seahorse finds her power.  

This is the story of twin seahorses. One likes the getting there, the other likes the being there. 

Sometimes the gentlest seahorse must protect her heart.  

In the Land of Sooj, a seahorse always pays for a wrongdoing. 

To one seahorse, creating is everything.

My Spiritual Journey to God and Eternity

Award Winning Author of 7 books, Shelley Gilbert's seventh book God Is Real, My Spiritual Journey to God and Eternity is an inspirational true story. A Jewish atheist most of her life, one day while crying and shaking she experienced an epiphany, found God and converted to Christianity on the spot. "In the half hour that I sat in my car, I went from believing nothing to believing everything." Her honest memoir's detailed depiction of visions, miracles, signs and knowings are amazing. Her deeply personal narration is intriguing and moving.

While shopping in Bed, Bath and Beyond, the author looks at all the stuff in her cart and silently implores: This can't be all there is to life! Thus begins her spiritual journey. With the help of Rose Kennedy's face and a ghost, the author finds herself crying and shaking in front of a local church sign in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Today, she is still on a spiritual journey, discovering there are higher places to travel.